Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Would You Do??

Money... MONEY seems to start more problems then it starts... it blinds people from what and who they really are. Most of us don't even handle money right now a days. My brother was playing the power ball yesterday. Fot 550,000,000 dollars. Half a billion dollars. THATS A LOT! haha The question tends to be asked often. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY?? Thats a sticky question to be asked...
The Answers I got went something like "I'd buy a new car" or "I'd buy a house" or "I'd buy"
something... OBVIOUSLY. If we had all that money we'd buy something haha but for real? Your going to waste millions of dollars on just cars and phones and games and what not? no investment? charity maybe?? i guess it all depends on the kind of person you are. I dont believe theres anything wrong with wanting things or just keeping whats yours. But I feel more and more we live in a world where people just do not care anymore about other people. People are so fortunate now a days. WE get so much. But don't give anything. I guess its a much harder choice to make when its actually presented to you. But theoretically speaking. If you had 550,000,000 dollars, What would you do with it? Leave a comment of what you would do. wether its buy, give, invest or a little bit of everything haha. Fell free to be honest. I love hearing responses :)



How Love Works

It's a funny thing how love works.
Love... How does love work? It seems to work when it's least expected. I was never one to believe in love. I thought it was very very nieve to believe in. I realize how cheesy this sounds but, i met someone. I've never seem ANYTHING more beautiful. So I did what i usually do. I went for it. But this wasn't like anyone else i've ever met. this girl was diferrent. She made me laugh for starters haha. Which in my case is a very unusual thing. She was happy. Made me happy. and was just, a good girl. I had a very strange feeling. It was a scary feeling to be honest. But i kinda liked it. It's a very long story. But long story short. I had a change of heart. It turns out I was in love with this girl. She was my bestfriend. IS my bestfriend. Which is why it was so strange. All i knew is there was no way I could stand being able to be away from her. Buuuuut, she had a boyfriend, and i was her bestfriend, and it couldn't possibley work out... especially with us being complete oposites (So we thought). I finally reached a point to where I could not hold it in anymore. So i came out and told her. She couldn't understand though. Just as much as i couldn't. We tried to forget i said anything which just made things worse. Finally after telling her a few times. It came to a point where i had to show her. a girl that I know i didn't deserve. But I knew if I never tried. I would never know. Everything happened so fast and all these things were running through my mind. I've never been more terrified in my life. But she had already walked off. If I didn't do anything now, I would never get another chance to keep her. And life wouldn't be life without her. we had everything together. talked about everything. EVERYTHING reminded me of her. So I went for it. I kissed her.

I know how cheesy this must sound because I used to be one that made fun of these stories. Now mine isn't a movie story but then again. Nobody has a movie story. My only advice to the world is. If you feel like you have that chance. Wether you believe it will work or not. Do NOT lose that chance.

                                                                         hehehehe xD

I Miss My Guitars

I miss my guitars... :( I just recently had to sell my only guitar I had left because of money issues... I started when i was younger. my dad had around 5 guitars. He used to play a lot. His dad did also. He also had his guitar. Then, by the time I was onld enough. He passed them down to me and my brother. Then we started to learn. My fathers guitars were probably the only thing my dad had left after a car accident that he had when he was 19. He went into a coma and by the time he woke up he couldn't remember a thing. He didn't know his family, friends, or life pretty much. But somehow he could still play his guitars. Then he just went on to practice the guitar more after that. But all this to say guitars have been a pretty normal thing in my life as well. (I know i do have a picture, but im gonna have to dig through some boxes to find it haha. I'll post as soon as i can.) The guitar is such a beautiful instrument. Also a good way to take your mind off things. When I was bored or upset. The guitar was always a good way to keep preoccupied. One day when I get the money, I'll buy a new one. Hopefully a Les Paul :). But I know I will most definately will when i get back in 6 months :)

THE doctors office...

Don't you hate it how doctors are always trying to be the smartest person in the room? for instance.
i say: Doctor!! I have this intense pain in my shoulder!
Doctor : Oh, it must be all the texting you do.
Me : but doctor?? I know its not that! I don't even have a phone!
Doctor : Oh trust me. Everyone in my office says that.
Me : NO, trust me. I KNOW thats not what it is.
Doctor : OH YEAH? and how would you know?

eh... i dunno.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A LOT MORE of less.

HEEEY everyone :) this is my first post. EVER! haha. I've never done this sorta thing before but hey, there isn't much else to do...

Weeell. There's something I'd like to point out.
All things considered. We are very lucky. We may not have the nicest cars, the money, the life that everybody dreams of. But we have something. Ourselves. Our own thoughts. Way of lives. Most people take for granted the stuff  that most of us wouldn't even think of. We tend to think it's our right to be able to live. Breath. Love... Especially love. The truth is. We all just go about our day like antelopes with night vision goggles xD
buuuuut really we don't .
The more i think about it. the more i realize how much i do have to be thankful for.
Let me tell you. that computer your on, that phone, that internet connection. Somebody worked for that to be possible. somebody made that. Somebody we probably don't even know.

MAYBE, just maybe.
it's not to late for things to change. To realize that everything isn't ours. to see that we have more luck than we seem to see. sure there are troubles and what not. but just Give it time. Things will work themselves out sooner or later. But while we wait :) Maybe you should tell your family or friends or girlfriends or boyfriends or whoever it may consern, that you love them. thankful for them. because we all don't have forever.
7 billion people on earth.
Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days