Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Would You Do??

Money... MONEY seems to start more problems then it starts... it blinds people from what and who they really are. Most of us don't even handle money right now a days. My brother was playing the power ball yesterday. Fot 550,000,000 dollars. Half a billion dollars. THATS A LOT! haha The question tends to be asked often. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY?? Thats a sticky question to be asked...
The Answers I got went something like "I'd buy a new car" or "I'd buy a house" or "I'd buy"
something... OBVIOUSLY. If we had all that money we'd buy something haha but for real? Your going to waste millions of dollars on just cars and phones and games and what not? no investment? charity maybe?? i guess it all depends on the kind of person you are. I dont believe theres anything wrong with wanting things or just keeping whats yours. But I feel more and more we live in a world where people just do not care anymore about other people. People are so fortunate now a days. WE get so much. But don't give anything. I guess its a much harder choice to make when its actually presented to you. But theoretically speaking. If you had 550,000,000 dollars, What would you do with it? Leave a comment of what you would do. wether its buy, give, invest or a little bit of everything haha. Fell free to be honest. I love hearing responses :)



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