Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Love Works

It's a funny thing how love works.
Love... How does love work? It seems to work when it's least expected. I was never one to believe in love. I thought it was very very nieve to believe in. I realize how cheesy this sounds but, i met someone. I've never seem ANYTHING more beautiful. So I did what i usually do. I went for it. But this wasn't like anyone else i've ever met. this girl was diferrent. She made me laugh for starters haha. Which in my case is a very unusual thing. She was happy. Made me happy. and was just, a good girl. I had a very strange feeling. It was a scary feeling to be honest. But i kinda liked it. It's a very long story. But long story short. I had a change of heart. It turns out I was in love with this girl. She was my bestfriend. IS my bestfriend. Which is why it was so strange. All i knew is there was no way I could stand being able to be away from her. Buuuuut, she had a boyfriend, and i was her bestfriend, and it couldn't possibley work out... especially with us being complete oposites (So we thought). I finally reached a point to where I could not hold it in anymore. So i came out and told her. She couldn't understand though. Just as much as i couldn't. We tried to forget i said anything which just made things worse. Finally after telling her a few times. It came to a point where i had to show her. a girl that I know i didn't deserve. But I knew if I never tried. I would never know. Everything happened so fast and all these things were running through my mind. I've never been more terrified in my life. But she had already walked off. If I didn't do anything now, I would never get another chance to keep her. And life wouldn't be life without her. we had everything together. talked about everything. EVERYTHING reminded me of her. So I went for it. I kissed her.

I know how cheesy this must sound because I used to be one that made fun of these stories. Now mine isn't a movie story but then again. Nobody has a movie story. My only advice to the world is. If you feel like you have that chance. Wether you believe it will work or not. Do NOT lose that chance.

                                                                         hehehehe xD

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