Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Miss My Guitars

I miss my guitars... :( I just recently had to sell my only guitar I had left because of money issues... I started when i was younger. my dad had around 5 guitars. He used to play a lot. His dad did also. He also had his guitar. Then, by the time I was onld enough. He passed them down to me and my brother. Then we started to learn. My fathers guitars were probably the only thing my dad had left after a car accident that he had when he was 19. He went into a coma and by the time he woke up he couldn't remember a thing. He didn't know his family, friends, or life pretty much. But somehow he could still play his guitars. Then he just went on to practice the guitar more after that. But all this to say guitars have been a pretty normal thing in my life as well. (I know i do have a picture, but im gonna have to dig through some boxes to find it haha. I'll post as soon as i can.) The guitar is such a beautiful instrument. Also a good way to take your mind off things. When I was bored or upset. The guitar was always a good way to keep preoccupied. One day when I get the money, I'll buy a new one. Hopefully a Les Paul :). But I know I will most definately will when i get back in 6 months :)

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