Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A LOT MORE of less.

HEEEY everyone :) this is my first post. EVER! haha. I've never done this sorta thing before but hey, there isn't much else to do...

Weeell. There's something I'd like to point out.
All things considered. We are very lucky. We may not have the nicest cars, the money, the life that everybody dreams of. But we have something. Ourselves. Our own thoughts. Way of lives. Most people take for granted the stuff  that most of us wouldn't even think of. We tend to think it's our right to be able to live. Breath. Love... Especially love. The truth is. We all just go about our day like antelopes with night vision goggles xD
buuuuut really we don't .
The more i think about it. the more i realize how much i do have to be thankful for.
Let me tell you. that computer your on, that phone, that internet connection. Somebody worked for that to be possible. somebody made that. Somebody we probably don't even know.

MAYBE, just maybe.
it's not to late for things to change. To realize that everything isn't ours. to see that we have more luck than we seem to see. sure there are troubles and what not. but just Give it time. Things will work themselves out sooner or later. But while we wait :) Maybe you should tell your family or friends or girlfriends or boyfriends or whoever it may consern, that you love them. thankful for them. because we all don't have forever.
7 billion people on earth.
Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days

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