Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Have No Friends... Except Dogs...

Speaking of dogs, I've been getting pretty tired lately doing nothing. It's very exhausting. So therefore, I applied to work with the only thing I was meant to work for. Puppies. I'm starting to work at an animal nursery. YES. If you were wondering. I am that one weird guy that has a million dogs surrounding him because he has no friends... except dogs...

Okay, okay. I'm not THAT crazy about them... That isn't even my car, I SWEAR!
But I do like them. Also I'd like to find something to before I leave in 37 days... I might as well not waste my time I have. Until then. Keep it safe. keep it clean. I love my Lovie Bunny. And as soon as I get some pictures and videos to post of the animals I will. :) Take it easy.

765 licks
More saliva... :)


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